check out my blog?

sure! but only if you’re following me.

follow me?

no, you can ask me to check out your blog and if i like it i’ll follow but don’t ask me to follow you.

will you vote for me?

of course! but you have to follow me and ask it nicely.

promo me?

no, i do promo’s so make sure you reblog them if you want a promo! 

where’s the promo?

if the promo reached i delete it, i delete the promo list after 5-10 minutes.


love it<3 tag it as anoceandream and i’ll see it! (it’ll appear on my thank you<3 page)


ed sheeran - this

birdy - shelter

ron pope - a drop in the ocean

ellie goulding & erik hassle - be mine

mike posner vs sia - cooler than me

jason mraz - i won’t give up

it’s on shuffle :)


take-me-to-bondi made my banner, she’s lovely and she makes beautiful banners!

hate will always be deleted, so don’t waste your time typing.

still have a question? ask it here